10 Awesome Google Street Views and Maps that let you see more of the world

2016-01-29 16:00 - Sam Smith
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Cape Town - Did you ever imagine technology could get so advanced, that with a few clicks of a button, of a swipe and flick on a screen, you could virtually travel through a museum or a street thousands of miles away from you?

Well, for some time now, Google's street view has been making this possible - affording the travel addicts and wanderlusters among us a closer view at many unique destinations around the world. 

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Google Streetview and Google Maps lets you view the colourfully painted streets of Brazil, lets you feel the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and even gives you an opportunity to find that loch ness monster in Scotland. 

Here are a few of our very favourite street views that will definitely kick your travel planning up a notch. 

Take a look at Traveller24's top ten Google views of the world...

1. South Africa's Highlights


2. Brazil's colourful streets

3. Pyramids of Giza 

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4. Northern Lights 

5. The Lamborghini museum  

6. The Philadelphia Orchestra perfroming live at Carnegie Hall

7. The Great Barrier Reef

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8. Miniature Wonderland from around the world 

9. Robben Island

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10. Remote islands of the world