Grand Massif: A ski-holiday made easy for South Africans

An all-inclusive break couldn't be more beneficial than during a skiing holiday - we checked out the newly-opened Club Med Grand Massif in the French Alps.

Find Your Escape: 2018 bucket-list holidays

Travel stokes a sense of wonder. A sense of delight.

When we stop seeing new things, stop taking the time to go a little deeper or to engage with the world around us beyond just the routine of our modern, work-day life - we run the risk of losing a part of ourselves.

The part that takes time to wander and even squeal out loud. No acronym for that now is there.  

After a busy December holiday period, which for parents must feel like an eternity through January, many of us would agree that the end-of-year break is when we must take the bulk of our leave, yet it often leaves us feeling utterly drained and wanting to escape more than ever.

Unless you make it count.

Start by taking a look at these nine, mostly visa-free #AfriTravel adventures offering more bang for your buck. Or break the mold on the typical tropical adventure with a spot of island-hopping in the Philippines.

There is wanderlust and then some for the year ahead. Even right here in SA!

At least once, your epic annual holiday break needs to have some white snow at the end of the tunnel - Here's why Club Med's new ski resort in the French Alps makes a skiing holiday easy to plan for South Africans

And come winter or summer - Canada is yet another destination that might not be on your radar, but should be. 

So have a look at our Public and School holiday planner for 2018 and all you need to do is get to it. 


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