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#FindYourEscape: 25 new flight routes and expansions SA travellers can take advantage of

2017/09/27 9:23:32 AM

A number of new direct routes and flight expansions come into effect just in time for SA's summer holiday.

ALERT: SAA cancels Hong Kong flights due to bad weather

2017/08/22 5:06:49 PM

SAA says bad weather caused by Typhoon Hato has resulted in flight cancellations.

Qatar Airways offers SA passengers new Visa Checkout service

2017/08/14 12:10:56 PM

Qatar Airways now offers Visa Checkout to South African travellers, an online checkout service that allows online transactions to be completed on any device with a few simple clicks.

Saudi Airline's dress code: 'Women exposing legs or arms to be denied boarding'

2017/08/11 5:06:53 PM

Strict dress code advisory has been issued on Saudi Arabia's national carrier website.

'Peace of mind': What readers think of a 'no middle seat' for women on planes initiative

2017/08/08 12:58:42 PM

Readers respond to Vistara's 'no middle seat' for women safety measures.

Mail Rail: Riding on London's underground postal trains

2017/07/29 4:30:00 PM

Few of the millions of people whose letters and packages were shuttled on a tiny train line deep under London ever suspected it existed.