These four cheetahs were not too happy to have a solo cheetah enter their territory.

This experience along deep sand tracks through the vast expanse of the world's largest continuous sand mass - the Kalahari - should...

'They must be demonically possessed because crazy gay lions are not normal in the animal kingdom,' says Mutua.

Two young elephants were shot in the Komatipoort region close to the Kruger National Park after their herd was reportedly...

While trying to take pics close to a wild elephant, two tourists were trampled to death in Zambia on Saturday.

A safari and a game drive are like two peas in a pod, but the one got polished and the other one didn’t.

The entries for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is just pure, natural gold.

A new report highlights the legal trade of lion bone from South Africa to East-Southeast Asia since 2008.

New differential conservation fees for Table Mountain National Park gates will take effect from 1 November 2018.

SANParks is trying to "fast-track the completion of the work at the main gate."