Tips on how not to be 'overcharged' by Uber

2017-04-07 11:48 - Boipelo Mokgothu
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Cape Town - Uber’s upfront pricing seems to be causing a problem. When you request an Uber, it estimates a price for the ride and when the trip has ended, the driver’s meter will show how much the price amounted to.  However Allison Griswold from Quartz found that these two prices can vary.

After an Uber ride, she saw that her fare reflected on the driver’s meter was 10% less than what Uber's upfront pricing had said it will be so either  the drive got a smaller cut or she overpaid but in both cases, she suggest it is still inefficient.

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According to Fortune, the price indicated on the Uber App is merely an estimate. "The ride could take longer or shorter then in that case the driver’s fare should be the correct one," an Uber spokesperson is quoted as saying.

However, it seems like the problem with it that even if the ride is shorter than expected, the customer still pays the estimated Uber fare,  even if the upfront fare is higher.

"Often, the rider fare is lower than what a driver takes home," which means the company actually pays out the difference. The Uber spokesperson could not elaborate as to how often that happens.

If you are worried about being overpriced, here are a few measures you can take:

1. Screenshot the route the app shows you when you agree to upfront pricing, and then screenshot the final route they send you once your trip has concluded: the route you actually took.

2. If the route taken was different, you might be able to negotiate a fare adjustment through Uber's refund policy, which has an option for inefficient routes. Also remember that you can suggest a route you prefer to the driver.

3. You can then complain directly to Uber, Whether you'll be refunded is another question, but you'd join the ranks of those pushing for fairer policies.

4. Remember that you can also compare prices to other transport services such as Taxifiy then choose the one that is most suitable for you. 

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