Touch-and-go: Festive season air traffic has planes landing and departing seconds apart

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Cape Town - It's no secret that air travel peaks during festive season times as passengers rush to get to their families and loved ones. 

This means airlines and airports have to work at their optimum potential to ensure a smooth journey for everyone. Just how close the operations managers have to cut it is not always known to passengers.  

But new footage shot at Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport in Australia on 2 January 2017 give passengers a glimpse at how tight fight schedule are during holiday periods.  

According to the person filming, the back-to-back arrivals and departures could be seen at Sydney airport's main runway. 

"In this particular video, the separation distance between a Jetstar Australia Airbus A320 landing and a Cathay Pacific Airbus A330 taking off was quite close, though I understand still within allowable limits." 

The video shows the landing plane touching down mere seconds after the departing one lifts off.