American low-cost carrier Spirit says fewer flights being cancelled since injunction

2017-05-19 08:18
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US - American Ultra Low Cost Carrier Spirit Airlines says cancelled flights have dropped sharply since a judge intervened in a dispute with the pilots' union over an alleged work slowdown.

Spirit canceled 300 flights the first week of May and blamed pilots, who it said refused overtime flying to pressure the airline in contract negotiations.

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According to FlightAware, in the last three days through Thursday, 18 May, Spirit cancelled 12 flights. Airline spokesman Paul Berry said it appeared pilots were picking up extra flights.

The Air Line Pilots Association says its members helped stabilize the airline's operation. 

Tens of thousands of passengers were stranded by cancellations this month. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, irate passengers swarmed a Spirit ticket counter, three people were arrested.

On 9 May, a federal judge ordered the union not to interfere with Spirit's business. 

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