#LoveSA: SA beauty shines in The Naked Traveller's epic 10-day SA trip

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Cape Town - What do you love most about South Africa?

Is it the 2 500km coastline boasting some of the world's best beaches? Is it the opportunity to see lions, leopards, cheetah, elephant and wild dogs in a completely natural environment? Is it perhaps walking through the colourful, culturally rich streets of the Bo-Kaap in Cape Town? 

Or is it our people, with their fiery passion for the game of soccer and the obscure drinks we brew ourselves?

In a stunning video put together by The Naked Traveller, aka Tyson Mayr or TysonTRAVEL, SA's incredible beauty is again highlighted from a fresh perspective - giving insight into what it is for a tourist to visit our incredible Motherland. 

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