Carry On: A Goodbye to an Instagram Giant

2016-12-05 11:14 - Anje Rautenbach
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With a camera in hand, he turns his face away to the Elephant Rock in Northern Iceland and says, “This has been a dream of mine ever since I saw this thing…”

He pauses for a second or two, and says in awe, “…and it is absolutely beautiful”.

He walks away from the Elephant rock, stops to take it in again.

The admiration and appreciation for what he is experiencing is written all over his face as his adventurous spirit beams with joy, he concludes the Iceland section of the video with, “Thank you Inspired by Iceland and Northern Iceland. You’ve really changed my life”.

This was Andy Carrie’s Weekly Vlog 007. And it was his last one.

Andy Carrie passed away on the 4th of December and the world as we know it has been shaken and turned upside down because we’ve lost a giant.

We’ve lost a giant with colourful socks; a giant who mastered in scissor jump shots, a giant with a camera and Coke Light in hand, a giant with a giant heart.

Since his passing social media has been flooded with messages from all over the world; messages filled with heartache, sadness and grief but also messages celebrating the life of Andy, remembering the person he was, celebrating the way he lived life.

Andy Carrie was a giant, larger in life than the Elephant rock he dreamed of visiting, and like all creative legends his force will live on. 

Jack-of-all-trades, master of every single one – from music to sports to photography - he inspired us all to chase our dreams and showed, time and again, how to truly live each second to the fullest. He captured the beauty of the world, and as his Instagram bio reads, “people, places and things I do”.

He once said, “I don’t capture people, I capture their soul” and when you look at the portraits he took and put on Instagram, you see exactly what he saw as he took the photo, people’s soul.

Where there was an  Andy, there was always a deeper connection.

Andy Carrie was a giant in the community of content creation, an Instagrammer, a traveller, a photographer and a digital whizz.

In a collab-post of sharing Instagram tips, Andy Carrie shared his wisdom and said:

"When it comes to Instagram there is no quick fix. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Firstly, look at the people you follow, that one travel account, the sunset account, we all know the accounts I am talking about. They all have something in common. They have a story, a theme. That's why you follow them right? Choose your story, your theme. If you love taking pictures of people then make that your thing. When people choose to follow you it is because they have bought into your story!

Secondly, tell that story well and consistently. The greatest thing about Instagram is that it is all about community. When I first started taking photos on my iPhone I wanted to know the apps that the other Instagrammers were using to edit their photos. I asked and they showed me. Find your own unique style of editing (that's if you are going to edit your photos). Make sure your photos are straight, I encourage you to use your grid when snapping photos on your phone. For example, if you are shooting the sunset, make sure that the grid on your phone lines up with the horizon. 

Andy was right, the greatest thing about Instagram is that it is all about community and we’ve all bought into his story because he told it with so much power, passion and emotion.

But today the community is a bit broken; one of our vital creative links suddenly went away and it happened too soon.

He was one talented man; he worked his way to the top and soared with eagles, he pushed himself, lived fearlessly, grabbed opportunities and loved deeply.

Andy was truly an influencer; and not just on Instagram and all the other social media platforms where he was adored, but he was an influencer of hearts, souls and minds. His life was – and forever will be – a living testimony of how to take life in both hands and run wild with it. 

We say goodbye – and it sucks – but the legacy of Andy Carrie will live on; it will live on with the sound of every camera shutter, it will live on as we adjust the photo to a straight line, it will live on as we pull up our socks, drink our Coke Light, ask for another piece of bacon, jump in the air and as we marvel at incredible landscapes and shout, “Who even are you?!”.

He chose his Instagram handle well - @AndyCarrie_On - and that is exactly what he will do, he will carry on.

Andy ends Weekly Vlog 007 in Shanghai with, “Right now, obviously it’s raining, so we are actually in the clouds. But you can see how crazy it is. Pretty high”.

Anje Rautenbach is the writer behind the blog Going Somewhere Slowly, find her Facebook,Twitter  or on Instagram