Airlines launched over 3 000 new routes in 2016, more expected in 2017

2017-01-12 07:31 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town - As 2016 has just been recorded as one of the safest years in aviation history, it’s interesting to note that an extraordinary 3 000  routes were launched across the globe last year. reports that some 3 042 new services commenced in 2016, and while that sounds like a lot at an average of eight new routes a day, it does not exceed the new routes of 2015, pegged at 3 109 new routes.

According to the data, European carriers dominated new routes development as of the top 20 airlines who spread new lines last year, 13 were based in Europe. Most new routes were to the US as some 916 new flights began operating to American airports, considerably higher than Spain, the destination in second position with 395 new flights.

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SA has seen a number of interesting route developments and capacity increase in the last year, with Cape Town leading the charge with some eight new routes created in 2016 thanks the city’s Direct Air Access initiative. These include direct flights to Singapore and Frankfurt as well as increased capacity on the Cape Town to Addis Abba route. The airport has also just celebrated a new milestone of servicing more than 10-million passengers in one year.

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However it is expected that the drive to keep connecting the won’t slow down in the least during 2017, with an estimated 1 150 routes already planned for 2017 - As a total of 12 airlines have already indicated their intention to start over 20 new services this year. 

Of the routes launched for SA, Turkish Airlines is connecting local travellers to one of the biggest trend destinations for 2017 and now South Africans intrigued by this South American culture can connect to the Cuban capital.

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