#TravelGoals: Sleep under the stars on Swiss Alps

2017-06-15 14:45 - Ishani Chetty
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The romantic notion of sleeping under the stars has never been so literal as it does with The Zero Hotel - located in Switzerland. If you are a lover of the outdoors and wanting to truly immerse yourself in the arms of mother nature then this should be on your bucket list! 

No walls or ceilings you say?

The idea of sleeping outside may be alluring to some as they romanticize about the stars and the humming of the crickets at night but to others it may seem like a slight nightmare - fighting off 'mozies' left and right. The Zero Hotel experience is literally all the amenities of a bed frame, a lovely warm bed, lighting and a solid floor but there are no walls. 

The Zero Star Hotel is said to be an expression of art. 

As peculiar as it might seem to many - the thought of sleeping in what seems to be a half completed bedroom, it is a riveting experience for others. It does not stop there as you are provided with a 'modern- butler' - a local farmer in gum boots. The breathtaking views from bed are bound to give you the best bed-rest yet.

The 'modern butler' would tend to your needs as you lie in the comfort of the bed -pouring you wine, entertaining you and providing a weather forecast.

The Riklin brothers  - founders of the Zero Star Hotel concept, state that the aim is to critique hotel culture and property ownership. By conducting this Zero Star Hotel, there is hope that is will address and create a systematic liberation in property ownership across Switzerland.

They previously created a similar project where a hotel room was constructed within an army bunker. They are focused towards liberating the industry of property ownership and prompting others to do so. 

Switzerland is known for its luxurious hotel and lakeside resorts - this is something both Frank Riklin and Peter Riklin want to change. 

The cost of an overnight stay under the stars and in the lush greenery of Switzerland will be R3 900 a night. This is inclusive of a drink upon arrival, breakfast and the services of the modern - butler. 

Bathroom Please! 

There is a bathroom located near the 'outdoor -bedroom' as well as an alpine hut that serves as a back if the weather turns bad - thank goodness.

The concept seems to be gaining traction as they have had over 1 300 bookings requested in order to spend a night at the Zero Star Hotel.

Bookings can be made here, be prepared to be added to a long waiting list as everyone is eager for this experience.

Nestled in the mountains - the views are said to be magnificent.

The world is moving towards a more conscious and aware society - allowing for concepts such as the Zero Star Hotel to gain popularity. 

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