Three, two, one JUMP! Google Street View launches first skydive

2017-01-17 11:55 - Louzel Lombard Steyn
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Cape Town - There are certain things you can't really judge before you've done it. Like bungee jumping. Or skydiving. Or childbirth.

You don't really know what you've gotten yourself into until you're halfway through - suspended between heaven and earth - and there's no turning back. 

But now, with the help of Google Street View, this might change (not for childbirth, sadly). 

Google Street View has launched its first skydiving panorama series, enabling prospective adrenaline junkies to soar through the air without even having to leave the couch. 
The search engine giant's photographers joined forces with New Zealand skydive operator, Skydive Abel Tasman to produce the World's first skydive experience on Google Street View - and it looks epic.

The virtual tour, which begins on the ground, shows what it's like to fly up into the sky and then jump out of a moving aircraft! 

The stunt shows an impressive jump from 5 KILOMETRES up, falling at speeds of up to 200km/h! 

While hurling down like a tonne of bricks, the footage takes in craggy mountains, patchwork fields and the vast expanse of blue sea and golden beaches in Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand's smallest national park, located at the north end of the South Island. 

The skydive street view is the brainchild of Google certified photographer, Alex Mather and was filmed over five days to create a fully interactive picture. 

The custom 360-built camera used for the project, and it was also captured in a 360-degree video. Check out the video here: 

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