#TheSupCrossing: SA adventurer becomes the 1st to SUP across the Atlantic

2017-03-09 14:29
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Cape Town - World-renowned big wave surfer, Guinness SUP world record holder and adventurer, Chris Bertish, needs little introduction, especially since he has just clinched the title of World's first person to SUP across the Atlantic. 

On Thursday Bertish's 93-day long journey to English Harbour, aiming to become the first and fastest, solo, man-powered, transatlantic SUP crossing ever came to an end - watch the Facebook live video as he arrived in Antigua.. 

This incredible solo expedition of having paddled nearly a marathon a day makes his other achievements seem like small fry - these include a 2010 Mavericks international big wave surfing title and the Guinness World Record for paddling 131km in 12 hours. 

For Bertish the core goal of the project has been to create a positive impact and  leave a legacy by changing the lives of millions of children across Africa and South Africa with this unparalleled project. At the launch in Cape Town just before he embarked on the adventure Bertish said he had hoped to raise R20 million for children’s charities The Lunchbox Fund‚ Operation Smile and Signature of Hope.   

Visit chrisbertish.com and thesupcrossing.com for more info. Also see his Instagram page and Facebook page. Tweet him @chris_bertish and view his YouTube channel.   

Chris Bertish preview of the project before he set off. Check it out: