SA's contribution to the World's Weirdest laws will have you ROFL

2017-03-16 13:39 - Louzel Lombard Steyn
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Cape Town - Ever heard of a 'flamethrower'? Neither have we... 

But, according to the world, having this seemingly 'legal' apparatus is SA's contribution to the weirdest laws on the planet. According to the research done by UK housing specialists City Base, drivers in South Africa are allowed to attach a blaster, or flamethrower, to their vehicle. 

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These said 'flamethrowers' can apparently shoot out five-metre long flames, to protect them from carjackings. 

Huh!? Did we miss something..?

Turns out, the 'flamethrower' or Blaster device was actually a thing in the late 90s, when a rise in carjackings prompted the invention by one Charl Fourie. 

The Blaster was a liquefied petroleum gas flamethrower installed along the sides of the vehicle under the doors. With a flip of a switch inside your car, the Blaster would direct flames in all directions, leaving the hijackers blind. 

Although it was never illegal to have this 'flamethrower' attached to your vehicle, a disinterest in the market along with a hefty price tag caused the idea to flop - thankfully. 

Either way, it's gained SA some publicity for legalising one of the weirdest things imaginable... along with some other equally questionable laws from around the globe. 

Check it out - 

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