Horse semen shots, bilk and frog juice - 18 Bizarre beverages from around the globe

2016-01-12 20:00 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - We have all had a couple strange drinks in our time, be it that mystery shot at the club or the concoction left in the cup after a game of Kings... 

In South Africa, it might be brown cow (Coca Cola mixed with full cream milk)... or a katemba (Coca Cola mixed with red wine)... or the all-round favourite: Umqombothi beer straight from a paint tin. 

If you thought SA concocts the weirdest drinks, you might want to have a look at the list below.

The team at Entertain-Ment have trawled the web to pull out the strangest drinks from around the world. From horse semen shots (for real) in New Zealand, to bilk (beer and milk) from Japan and some frog juice (yes it is as disgusting as it sounds) all the way from Peru.

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So whether you’re about to venture off to one of these countries and have an urge to try something a bit more “unique” or happen to have tried one of these bizarre drinks before, take a look at the list bellow and let us know which one you’d like (or not) give a go. 

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