From the moon to mars: Boeing's Deep Gateway Transportation concepts unveiled

2017-04-12 20:00 - Boipelo Mokgothu
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Cape Town- Humans will be able to travel to Mars for research thanks to NASA’s Space Launch System, which Boeing is helping to develop. 

Boeing unveiled concepts for the deep space gateway and transport which will help NASA to achieve their goal of having robust human space exploration from the Moon to Mars.

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The Deep Space Gateway, which will be powered by a Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) system would deliver the habitat to cislunar space near the moon.

The gateway is also help in critical research and open opportunities for global government or commercial partnership in deep space.

The Deep Space Gateway could be the solution for Mars missions. The Deep Space Transport vehicle could be hosted by using the same organization that International Space Station uses for their commercial operations.

Humans will travel in the Deep Space Transport vehicle to Mars and once they are near Mars, crews could deploy a lander for surface missions or conduct other scientific and robotic missions in orbit.

 “The ability to simultaneously launch humans and cargo on SLS would allow us to assemble the gateway in four launches in the early 2020s,” says Pete McGrath, director of global sales and marketing for Boeing’s space exploration division.

The transport vehicle would be equipped with a habitat specifically designed to protect passengers from deep space’s harsh environment and its own robust SEP bus.

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