SA Insider Guide: Jozi has all that you need this weekend

2017-04-20 14:03
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Cape Town- Easter is over but that doesn't mean the fun is. Be adventurous and try out SA's first floating obstacle course. The Mad Hunter's Picnic is a fun way to spend your Saturday afternoon and of course, the Rand Easter Show is a must to attend. 

What will you be doing from 21 April - 23 April? 


SEE:  Grammy award winning, Leo Sayer will be returning Live In Concert for the first time in 30 years following on from Sell Out performances across the world in 2015 and 2016.

DO:  Experience SA’s 1st floating obstacle course. This floating adventure playground promises fun like never experienced before in South Africa.

TASTE: The Independent Bar has recently been launched. Why not head down there, have a glass of whiskey and see what it is about.

EXPLORE:  It's time to warm up and wind down at The Fairway Spa and explore at the Autumn Spa Special.


SEE:  Come see the The SA Taxi Foundation Art Award Top 30 Exhibition taking place at the Lizamore and Associates gallery.

DO: Lay out your blanket, unroll your butcher paper, unwrap your spread and enjoy a picnic in the park at the Mad Hunter’s Picnic.

TASTE: Experience local gourmet talent to rival any open European market in Jozi’s sunny hotspot, the Jozi Real Food Market

EXPLORE:  Take the kids to go explore breath-taking sculptures, made from wrecked cars, on display against the scenery of the legendary planet, Cybertron at Transformers Animatronics.


SEE: See Sophiatown, a musical about an imaginative reconstruction of an extraordinary story of journalists who set up a house together and advertised for another housemate to come and live with them.

DO: Rand Easter Show is back! Enjoy the largest consumer exhibition in Africa during the holidays with family and friends.

TASTE: Vilakazi Street in Soweto  boasts with authentic restaurants. Have lunch at one of the restaurants.  

EXPLORE: A Fantastic Voyage to the PatternNation is collaborative art opening of immersive painting, interactive sculpture and experimental performances which should wow your mind.