WATCH: Tiger saves zookeeper from leopard attack!

2016-08-16 19:00 - Carina Greeff
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Photo: Mail Online

You can never be too careful when tending to a camp of zoo animals - especially when they are lions, leopard and tigers. At the Black Jaguar White Tiger zoo in Mexico City, where these large cats are bunched together, it is always a good idea to have your own personal bodyguard.. in this case, Aztlan the tiger!

Eduerdo Serio, zookeeper at the Black Jaguar White Tiger zoo, peacefully tends to a group of white lions, unaware of the attack in planning behind him, the Mail Online reports.

Dharma the leopard starts to leap towards the zookeeper from behind, when he is stopped in his tracks by an onlooking tiger.

Keep an eye on the left of the screen as the leopard approaches, not knowing the tigers's got Serio's back. Aztlan the tiger flips the attacking leopard through the air in attempt to protect the zookeeper.

Before kneeling down to play with the lions, Serio does a quick perimeter check, possibly not noticing the scheming leopard hidden behind a tree.

A few moments later, Serio and the lions are joined by a tiger and a leopard, not realising that the tiger just fended off a potential leopard attack.
The leopard gets in a last reach at Serio's leg, but the zookeeper and his bodyguard, Aztlan, puts him in his place.

Watch the video here:

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