WATCH: Ocean photographer gets inside view of Great White Shark's jaws

2017-04-21 10:19 - Louzel Lombard Steyn
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Cape Town - It may look like a scene from the movie Jaws, but this inside view of a Great White Shark's mouth was shot in South Africa by ocean photographer Anthony Kobrowisky. And if you've ever wondered what the inside of a Great White Shark's mouth looked like... this might be the closest you'll ever get - alive. 

The close-up footage captures the carnivorous apex predator flashing its razor-sharp teeth to cage divers after being baited by boat operators.   

Kobrowisky, working for Sea Candy Media, is no stranger to seeing the inside of Great White Sharks' jaws... In the past week alone, he has posted over seven videos showing the incredible creatures from up close. 

The footage was captured in Kleinbaai and posted to the Sea Candy Media Facebook page in March this year. Kobrowisky captions it, "Do I have a cavity?! This Great White shark allowed us to have a close and personal inspection of her mouth. Little too close actually..." 

Kobrowisky is currently all along the South African coastline documenting Great Whites. 

Check it out - 

These are some of the other clips Kobrowisky has captured during his time in SA. 

It may look like the photographer gets too close for comfort at times... but considering previous incidents in which sharks became trapped INSIDE shark-cage-diving equipment, Kobrowisky's footage seems fairly PG. 

In October last year, two separate incidents in which sharks breached into divers' cages in Mexico stirred international controversy with people questioning whether the use of chum and fish flesh in order to lure predators was ethical. 

The practice of baiting has been heavily debated in South Africa as well. 

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At the time of the Mexican shark breach incidents, Traveller24 asked Marine Dynamics, one of eleven operators in South Africa working within the strict parameters set out by the Departmental of Environmental Affairs, what the codes of conduct for shark cage diving were in South Africa. 

The award-winning conservationist group and shark cage diving experts explained the complexities within the industry and pointed out that a ban of shark cage diving could lead to an increase in poaching. Marine Dynamics also stated that the feeding of shark is strictly prohibited in SA, and that companies that breach this ethical code should not be supported. 

You can read the full industry insights here: WATCH: Second shark cage incident sees heated debate around shark cage diving  

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