United for Wildlife hosts free online courses in wildlife conservation

2016-11-21 16:41 - Shalini Tewari
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Cape Town - United for Wildlife is a collaboration of the world’s leading wildlife charities united under a common umbrella in order to fight the illegal wildlife trade and create a global movement for change.

The organisation was created by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry of Wales. Ambassadors such as David Beckham, Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton help to build momentum on a movements to make a change.

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Their commitments include: on-site protection for wildlife; reduce demand for illegal wildlife products, improve law enforcement; work with the private sector to reduce trafficking; and engage young people with conservation.

In order to help with their efforts, the organisation has opened up an online course on wildlife conservation that is free to the public. There are currently two main courses with several modules.

Introducing Conservation

This course highlights key issues within conservation, increases awareness of the problems at hand, and outlines courses of action. The modules are: Module 1- Understanding Conservation; Module 2 - People and Conservation; Module 3- Conservation Innovation; Module 4 - Take Action.


This course builds on the topics from 'Introducing conservation' and dives deeper into specific conservation issues. Students learn about prioritisation, marine conservation, and the latest addition - the illegal wildlife trade. There are currently two modules: Module 1 - Species and Space; and Module 2 - Worth more Alive.

Each course takes approximately 4 hours to complete and students will receive a Statement of Accomplishment for completing all the courses with a score of 70% or higher.

Learn more about the United for Wildlife free online courses in wildlife conservation.

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