Postcode Meerkat: Saving Kruger's primary rhino stronghold

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Cape Town - Innovative wide area surveillance technology is being used in Kruger National Park (KNP) to thwart the activities of poachers entering South Africa’s primary rhino stronghold.

The system called Meerkat has been described by the KNP's Technical Operation Manager, Mark Andrew McGill as almost like having an  “angel on our shoulder".

"As rangers it will help us manage to catch the poachers off-guard, arrest them and confiscate valuable firearms and confiscate valuable firearms and tools," says McGill.

SEE: #ShockWildlifeTruths: 10% rhino poaching decline in 2016 but still 1 054 rhinos too much

A total of 1 054 rhino were poached, they say, indicating a 10.3% decline from 2015 stats of 1 175. 

This statement covers the period January through December 2016, which is inclusive of the period September to December 2016.