Only in Australia... WATCH: Has the extinct Tasmanian Tiger come back to life?

2017-04-04 14:37 - Louzel Lombard Steyn
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Cape Town - It's been 80 years since it was last seen alive, but now a live Tasmanian Tiger has reportedly been seen in Australia. 

Multiple reports of sightings of the rare animal have started to flow in from everyday citizens Down Under, who claim they’ve spotted the animal!

The sightings have prompted scientists to search for the extinct animal. According to IFL Science, scientists from James Cook University will place 50 camera traps baited with lures to collect information on two sites in north Queensland. "The cameras will be able to detect all species, so regardless of whether they actually spot a Tasmanian Tiger, the researchers have said the data will be put to good use," they report. 

This field work started in April this year and if the creature's existence can be confirmed, it would be an absolutely monumental discovery for conservation globally.  

In support of the research, there is also the official Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia which is dedicated to the research, recognition, and conservation of our most elusive apex predator.

The group has documented the various sightings of the Tasmanian Tigers over the years, and say they "believe in the existence of Thylacines and want to see it recognised and protected for all current and future Australians to appreciate and respect". 

One of the most recent sightings which the group reference was recorded on the dashcam of vehicle during December last year. Check it out - 

The last Tasmanian Tiger, a captive thylacine called Benjamin, died at Hobart Zoo on the island of Tasmania in September 1936. His death was thought to been thought to be the end of the species’s lineage and it was declared extinct in 1986. 

What is a Tasmanian Tiger? 

Despite the name, and its striking resemblance to a dog, this creature is not a tiger at all. It's in fact a carnivorous marsupial, family of the Tasmanian Devil and the tiger quoll. 

It has a head like a wolf, a striped body like a tiger and a pouch like a wombat. They were apex predators that once roamed across mainland Australia and Tasmania. 

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