Keeping safe in snake season! 4 viral videos you best not watch if you're squeamish

2017-03-08 12:18 - Louzel Lombard Steyn
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Cape Town - It seems as if snake season is upon us, as seen in these goose bump inducing viral videos that are making the rounds on social media at the moment. 

And being cold-blooded creatures, some massive pythons have been spotted in and around the warmer spots of the iconic Kruger National Park by some rather (un)lucky visitors especially. 

But it's not only in Kruger. Most recently, a massive 3.9m python filmed on the farm Vlakfontein in Groblersadal, Limpopo, made headlines when it swallowed an entire impala whole! 

The video, published by Netwerk24, shows the python regurgitating the animal, after striking twice at the snake catcher as he moved closer to capture it... 

WATCH: Yikes! Feisty python pukes up impala during capture

Check it out -

But that's not all. Another rather harrowing video has been trending recently over the past week, as featured by the SA People community.  The freaky footage, originally shared in 2014 surfaced again on Facebook and shows a MASSIVE python slithering underneath a Toyota Corolla and into its engine! 

WARNING: This might make you throw your phone against the wall... 

Can you handle more?

This video, while not filmed in SA but instead in neighbouring Zimbabwe, will make you especially careful when opening up your bonnet if you've headed out  into one of our national parks. Take a look. 

This Leopard attack on a giant rock python has gone viral too...

And then finally, it seems as if human and python interaction aren't the only viral videos this week. Another video taken in the Kruger National Park shows how two leopards attack a giant rock python, eventually killing it. 

What's interesting to see is that the adult leopard in the video, a mother to the younger one, gently nudges her cub towards the snake after killing it. 

Check it out - 

Snake safety 

While it is certainly incredible to spot a massive and beautiful snake in the wild, snakes can also pose a fatal threat to humans. 

While rock python aren't venomous, they certainly have the power to suffocate small children - SEE: SA snakes and snakebites: a parent's guide

Other snakes such as the Puff Adder, Boomslang and Cape Cobra are especially active during the warmer months. It is best to keep you distance and leave the removal of these reptiles to the professionals.

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If you spot a snake here are a few things to remember while waiting for emergency services: 

Keep your distance from the snake, while watching its movement. Take note of what is it doing and where is it going.

Clear the area and keep everyone, including dogs, away from the snake.

ALSO SEE: Snake bite guide 101: Identify, help, prevent

Emergency numbers to call:

For snakebite emergencies country-wide, call (082) 494 2039 or (083) 448 8854

Kruger Emergency Centre Numbers 013 735 0197/4325 or 076 801 9679

Poisons Information Helpline of the Western Cape: 0861 555 777 (24 hours)

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