WATCH: 24 Questions with Jo-Ann Strauss

2016-08-09 08:30 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town - Mother of two, Jo-Ann Strauss let us take a peek into her busy day as a model and celebrity presenter. We recently caught up to chat about what it's like balancing family life and a bustling career that has her travelling across the globe.

In a strong case of inception, Traveller24 filmed Strauss during the shooting of a Samsung commercial and while she doesn't share much of her private life on the online stage, her candid manner is refreshing, her drive to live a purposeful life and make the most of opportunities comes through front and centre and she definitely doesn't take herself too seriously.

She describes her kids, even impersonated them to a tee, as the centre of her life and is not blind to the fact that she's "blessed to be able to do what I love". Having just returned from a trip abroad, for German Fashion Week, Strauss says when it comes to travelling with kids, "even when you think you've got your shit sorted, you'll be surprised by a little blowout!" 

She has the greatest respect for single moms, her own mother who makes the best breyani apparently and when you hear her life motto, you'll have  just an inkling of an idea about her interesting approach to life. Check out as we kick off our 24 questions series with Ms Strauss...