WATCH: Yikes! Feisty python pukes up impala during capture

2017-03-07 17:50
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Cape Town - A Limpopo game farmer says he has never seen anything as beautiful, besides his wife that is, when a massive 3.9m python was captured out on his farm Vlakfontein in Groblersadal, Limpopo.

Jaco Kotze, co-owner of the game farm, shared the video with Netwerk24, and it has since been making waves on social media.

It shows the python doing a rather urhmm beautiful regurgitation of an impala, after striking twice at the snake catcher as he moved closer to capture it. Check out the full video.  

Two women, a massive 4m python and the German Sheperd

We have to admit a snake handler trying to make a catch like this is expected, but two pint-sized women taking on a 4m python when it has its powerful body wrapped around a dog isn’t.

Jamie Traynor and Kari Wesighan were having none of it when a massive python grabbed their security dog Jess by the front paw while working on a rhino orphanage in Limpopo earlier in January. 

Despite one of them having a snake phobia and the fact that they are both much smaller than the snake, there was no way they were going to let the German Shepherd, be devoured by the python - See the pic and full Netwerk24 story here. 

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