The hyenas Grimm: Cannibal hyenas chew on dead clan member’s head

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Cape Town - The animal kingdom continues to amaze us... And while we are a little distrusting of hyenas to begin with, we didn't think they were cannibalistic creatures... 

New video footage of a clan of hyena from the Sand river area in the Mpumalanga Lowveld of the Kruger has been shared to Rob Vamplew's Rob the Ranger YouTube account, showing how the well-known clan chews on the remains of one of their own. 

Vamplew writes that he dead hyena had been killed by the Majingilane lion pride, but when the poor animal's own clan came across the remains, they proceeded to cannibalise the remains.

What makes the footage even more grim is that Vamplew managed to capture one of the hyenas eating the head of its brethren...  

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