Self-drives made easy: Kruger e-guide helps you spot more wildlife

2017-04-05 13:33 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - A new guide developed by Latest Sighting is helping visitors navigate and spot more wildlife at the Kruger National Pak (KNP) - creating a bit more surety around those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

According to Latest Sightings, subscribing to the monthly e-Guide - helps you plan a your self-drive safari - based on actual sightings  shared within the community.

"This is a must-have electronic guide when in the park," says Latest Sighting's Founder Nadav Ossendryver. "We analysed thousands of sightings that are shared on a monthly basis and put together a guide that will help you plan the best routes based on hard data"

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The guide includes a map detailing the sightings featured in the last monthly period, suggests varying routes for either a short or long drive, in each area of the park.

It's is coupled with detailed statistics and graphs highlighting the best camps and the best times to spot your favourite big predator, a checklist as well as links to interesting videos from the month that the Latest Sightings Community has sent in.

"Obviously no sighting is ever guaranteed, but knowing what has been seen where is a proven way to help increase sightings while out on a game drive," says Ossendryver.

Wondering what sort of sights they're referring to? 

Check some these 13 Latest Sighting's shared in the last six months:

1. WATCH: Why you don't mess with a baby ellie when its momma is around 

This video of a mother elephant trying to protect her calf from a pack of wild dogs is a note to all - don't mess with a momma and her baby ellie. 

2. WATCH: Hyenas snatch wild dog kill - TWICE

Hopefully, every dog has its day...

3. Sparrowhawk takes on cuckoo in vicious stand-off

Rare sighting of clash between a Sparrowhawk and a Jacobin Cuckoo, filmed at one of the picnic sites just outside the Paul Kruger. 

4. WATCH: Zebra gives birth in Kruger National Park

Wow, all the feelings. Zibra gives birth to baby at H7 at the Tambotie entrance of Kruger. 

5. Crazy Kruger! Hippo bites Land Rover as pride of lions attack 

Have you ever seen a pride of lions attempt to take down a hippo? That's exactly what happened in this Latest Sightings video.  

6. Zebra infanticide plays out in Etosha (Warning: disturbing footage)

This footage will distort any placid view you might have had of these striped dazzlers of the bush.

7. Miraculous Kruger sighting as lion lies down with lamb 

The video was captured by School Deputy Principle, Graeme Mitchley from Edenvale, visiting Kruger National Park where he and his wife spotted a horrific scene, where a lion was eating a antelope cub. 

8. Baby Impala Tries Using Car To Hide From Cheetahs

A baby impala’s heart just about beats out of its chest whilst trying to hide in front of a tourist's car away from a hungry cheetah and her cub. 

9. Incredible Kruger: Lions hunt impalas at waterhole

This is a perfect example of how you never know what's about to happen in the wild!

10. Male Lions attack and kill baby Hyena

Nature can be cruel! But there's no denying its sheer power and die-hard 'survival of the fittest' principle. This was seen at Kings Camp.

11. Cape buffalo thrills tourists with rare birth sighting

A once-in-a-lifetime sighting when a Cape Buffalo - one of the iconic Big 5 - gave birth right in front of tourists.

12. Incredible Kruger: Unusual battle as bird takes out two snakes

A Grey Headed Bushshrike takes on two Tweak snakes in this rather unusual Kruger incident. Take a look.

This Kruger wildlife sighting sees a rhino and an elephant take each other on.

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