PICS: Lions kill buffalo right next to staff camp in the Serengeti

2016-07-26 12:10 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - Staff in the Namiri Plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania had a night to remember when 10 lions brought down and devoured a buffalo right in their midst! Some staff were even trapped inside a tent while the satiated lions lay sleeping just outside. 

Shocking images posted on the official Namiri Plains - Asilia Africa Facebook page on 20 July show the lions eating on a fresh buffalo carcass. The post has since gone viral, being shared on social media more than 3 100 times. 

"More adventures on this part of the Serengeti," the post reads. "Last night 10 lions killed a buffalo just at the staff area - none of our staff had a sleep the whole night, this morning they were still eating... The brave ones decided to go and rest under staff tents as you can see on the photos! Can you imagine in one of these tents, staff are inside..."

Check it out: 

The close up lion encounters seem to be a regular occurrence in this part of the world. Just a week ahead of the buffalo kill, the same Facebook group posted images showing the massive predators roaming the grounds... 

These wild lion encounters remind of another southern African adventure which occurred in May. 

Joburgers Francie Lubbe and her husband were camping in the Mabuasehube Campsites on the Botswana side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park on 9 May this year when they woke to the sound of lions licking the windows of their tent! 

She says it rained the night before, and the lionsses were licking the drops that had stayed behind on the canvas of their tents. 

According to Lubbe, the door of the tent was wide open, and the three lionesses could have entered freely if they wanted. They also gave the braai grill a few licks, but showed no interest in the humans, she says. 

Check it out here: WATCH: Lionesses lick raindrops from campers' tent window in Kgalagadi

Encounters like these would be very unlikely in South Africa, since wildlife authorities like SANParks and other private lodges are requested by law to protect visitors on the properties at all costs, or face serious criminal charges. That's why all SANParks camps are fenced in, away from the wild animals and predators. 

In other African countries like Botswana and Tanzania, however, there aren't as strict laws governing where you can or cannot sleep, so wildlife encounters like the ones documented above are a little more frequent. 

Close-up encounters outside of rest camps, however, do occur. Tintswalo ranger David Jacobs, along with Tintswalo tracker EricUbisi and a guest of the lodge, recently had an extremely close encounter with three young Mbiri lions. Honeyguide ranger Anton van Loggerenberg captured the moment perfectly... 

SEE: PIC: Safari guide caught in extremely close encounter with a lion

Photo: A young Mbiri male lion gets up close and personal with tracker Eric Ubisi. Photograph by Honeyguide guide, Anton van Loggerenberg. 

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