Kruger sighting: Best stays with great wildlife

2017-03-18 09:01 - Nadav Osendryver
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Cape Town - Every month, thousands of sightings are reported on the Latest Sightings app, and we take it upon ourselves to take all of that data and make more sense of it. We take the predator sightings and find the best times and places to find them. So, to make it easier for you, here are the top 5 places to stay to see some great wildlife, statistically! 

We have split it into two categories, inside and outside the park.

Within the park:


This camp is has been consistently an all-time best! It is top for lion, leopard and wild dog and offers a great array of routes that you can take. Having different routes to take is a vital part of keeping every drive exciting and fresh!

What makes it better is that all these routes take you to different types of habitats and show you the different ecosystems of the park.

Animal vs number of sightings near Skukuza in 1 month average (Latest January 2017)

Lion: 219

Leopard: 173

Wild Dog: 62

Cheetah: 24

Lower Sabie:

Lower Sabie is also another killer area. This is a great area as it is surrounded by the Sabie River, a prime spot for big cats. It is also close enough to Skukuza and Crocodile Bridge to get a bit of the Wild Dog action that happens. But, driving north of Lower Sabie towards Tshokwane and south towards Crocodile Bridge, one drives through a bit of a desert and open plains, this makes cheetah sightings more common. Statistically, Lower Sabie is the number one place in the park for cheetah sightings.

Animal vs number of sightings near Lower Sabie in 1 month average (Latest January 2017)               

Lion: 206

Leopard: 79

Wild Dog: 48

Cheetah: 71


We decided to also go ahead and recommend a camp that takes you a bit out of the busyness of the south and to a whole different region of the park completely, but while still having a great potential to spot game. Olifants fits this description to the tee.

It is in a more quiet part of the park when it comes to tourists, but it is situation alongside a river, so views are incredible. And as we know, rivers bring action…

Animal vs number of sightings near Olifants in 1 month average (Latest January 2017)

Lion: 35

Leopard: 15

Wild Dog: 13

Cheetah: 23

Lodges outside the park:

Through our app, there are also lodges outside the park that are active in sharing their sightings! So if the park is full and you want to stay outside, check out some of the cool sightings you can have

Phumula Kruger Lodge

This lodge is right outside the fantastic area of Crocodile Bridge. Crocodile Bridge is an all-around great spot for almost everything! Even the rare pangolin gets spotted around there every so often.

Kerry Balaam from Kruger Pride Safaris and Jean Graham from Discover Kruger Safaris often work with Phumula Kruger Lodge with sharing their sightings and so we can definitely recommend this spot, with all the predators being spotted in the area almost every day!

Ngwenya Lodge

Ngwenya Lodge is that perfect place for people who might not be into the idea of driving around the whole day! It perfect for one to just sit, relax and let the animals come to them!

The lodge sits right on the Crocodile River and is prolific when it comes to sightings. The big 5 is often spotted from the viewing deck, including some sightings of kills too. 

Book with the wildlife sighting experts:

Latest Sightings regularly offers 3 for 2 nights special deals (one-night free) for Phumula Kruger Lodge, Royale Marlothi Lodge, Kruger Adventure Lodge and Mvuradona Safari Lodge -  all  prime spots for wildlife, being just outside the park. 
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