WATCH: Superpod of dolphins surf Blouberg waves

2016-04-03 07:35 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - It's one thing to see pod of dolphins frolicking in the waves. But to see a superpod surfing the iconic Blouberg ocean against the backdrop of a Natural World Wonder... now that's impressive. 

On Friday, 25 March, YouTuber Hjalmar Reitz  captured this incredible scene playing off in Blouberg's waters on his DJI Phantom 3. 

The footage start showing the magnificent West Coast shore, when the thousands of dolphins appear in the shot. Then, the drone turns to fly towards Table Mountain, framing the superpod against the iconic picture-perfect Blouberg view. 

YOU CAN SEE THE SUPERPOD OF DOLPHINS HERE:  Superpod Of Dolphins Surf Blouberg Waves

Dolphin pods can contain up to 10 000 during short periods, says Ocean Safaris. These massive pods are typically seen when the dolphins are chasing large shoals of fish, like during the legendary Sardine Run off South Africa’s east coast.

Although the Sardine Run is still a few months away, Ocean Safaris says the best time to see dolphins in the Cape waters is during late summer, autumn and early winter – when the migration of fish along the coast lures the dolphins from the deeper oceans.

In June last year, YouTube user Robbie Ragless posted a video showing "millions" of dolphins approaching him and a few mates during a boating trip to Robben Island.

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You can see the video from last year here: 

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